Internet and Fraud

Today more than ever, fraud is an ever present problem in our society. Just as the online shopping has grown, so has the amount of internet and identity. Fraudsters have found more ways to scam this market, by taking advantage of unknowing consumers and unsuspecting store/website owners. As crime develops, so must our ways of preventing it. That's exactly what our fraud team has done here at Source2Home. Through smart and ever adapting tactics, we are able to not just stop fraud in its track, but help bring justice to countless victims by sharing our data with authorities.  

Types of Fraud

As an E commerce focused business, we face many different fraud threats online. However, there are three that we face more often than the others. Friendly fraud, while few and far between, still earned its ranked in these top three fraud threats. This is when a user commits a charge back on an order they received under false pretenses. The second most common is Phishing. Phishing attempts come in several times a week through our contact form, delivered directly to a shared customer service inbox. For other companies, this could be disastrous. Our team is well trained and has developed a keen eye to spot these attempts. They are quickly removed our system and the information logged with those emails is reported. The third, most severe, and most of common is Identity/Credit Card theft.









To our Source2Home Superheroes;

Thank you for your dedication to protecting our company and maintaining a safe shopping environment for our customers.

                                  -The Founder




Credit Card Fraud

It's happened to almost everyone. Perhaps you lost your wallet or purse, others may have had theirs stolen, but a majority of victims had their card in their possession when the fraud occurred. Having their information stolen by methods like skimmers, placed often in places you would never think to question like the ATM at a bank. This is just the beginning of their process. After collecting masses of cards, your card information is then sold to fraudsters who use the card or personal information to commit the crime. They have different methods, but placing fraudulent orders over the internet are generally where they start. They assume there is less risk than a brick and mortar store front. In some cases, this may be true, but not at Source2Home. Whether it's disguising and falsifying their location, or using the common reship scheme, we're always one step ahead. Our smart, learning detection software serves as our front line by scanning and recording the information attached to the order. Next, our well trained fraud team diligently and vigorously reviews this data as well as the order itself. Using our specially designed "Order to Fulfillment" process, designed to uncover fraud, they have successfully stopped hundreds fraud attempts. Additionally, the data compiled while investigating these attempts has led numerous arrests, and several identities saved.

So, should you ever receive an email from your friendly neighborhood fraud agent, asking to verify your identity, think of it as opportunity rather an inconvenience. An opportunity to become a superhero yourself and help us in our constant battle against internet crimes.  



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